Stablecoins for developers


MakerDAO for developers - Adrian le Bas, Adrian le Bas, Tech Product Owner at

What is DAI, how is it created

From ETH-backed DAI to Multi-Collateral DAI (and WTF is the DSR?)

Integrating with the MKR/DAI ecosystem - the SDK, and developing for MCD (testnets)

Stablecoins - issues and risks - Edan Yago, founder

Fiat-collateralized stablecoins versus crypto-backed

Issues - regulation, liquidity, counterparty risk...

CementDAO as risk mitigation for Stablecoins

Lightning talks and Live Tweets - let the organizers know if you want to present your project or idea (slides are optional)


Thursday, 6 June @ 18:30-21:30


The Thinking Hut (South Location)
Pilotenstraat 39a, Amsterdam

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