New token models; How to create, evaluate and regulate them


As new models for digital assets and tokenization arise there are still a lot of questions about which token models are 'the best'. We will talk about various existin token models, what business problems they are solving and how they can be created in practice. Finally, the biggest question of all is how to deal with regulation. In this meetup we will hear about two different approaches to tokenization followed by an indepth discussion about even more token models, their added value and the role of regulation in this field.

We will start with a presentation by Gys Hough from Coinstone capital about his view on tokenization, the purpose of utility tokens and his picture of the future for the Coinstone fund. In the second presentation that we will hear from our hosts, Venturerock. Venturerock - represented by Marc Wesselink - will talk about how they are going to change the way we fund companies across Europe. It is known that founders on average lose 60% of their time raising funds, cannot find the right talent to accelerate. On the other hand, professional investors are leaning more towards later stage funding and are often very localized. It causes a huge 'seed-squeeze' in Europe which is already lagging behind big time compared to US & Asia. We will show a new venture model based on equity tokens and why digital securities can help us to create a single EU venture capital market incl secondary market.

After introducing these two views we will invite various experts with backgrounds in investments, tokenization, regulation and compliance to talk more about token models, their unique characteristics and regulation.


Gys Hough (Speaker & Panellist)

Managing Partner  •  Coinstone Capital

Gys Hough is Managing Partner of Coinstone Capital, a Netherlands-based fund manager that specialises in blockchain-based investments. The fund predominately invests in ealry-stage blockchain projects that are identified through a use cased based investment strategy.

Marc Wesselink (Speaker & Panellist)

Founder  •  Venturerock

Serial Entrepreneur, started 12 companies and failed 4 times. Founding Partner of Startupbootcamp and responsible for Alumni Portfolio. Based on these learnings, he is now building an investment co-operative which will build, support & invest in EU based startups (corporate & independent) Currently working on; ~ Fundraising for a cross border EU investment co-operative ~ Setting up an operational company who delivers hands on support for fast growing companies ~ Gathering a network of independent professionals (iPros) who have experience in working for fast scaling companies in different stages and will receive a part of the profit in return

Andreas Slabber (Panel Moderator)

Business development manager  •  IQEQ

Andreas is a business professional who possesses the uncanny ability to provide simple solutions to complex strategic problems. A self-starter by nature, Andreas thrives on complexities and relishes the opportunity to challenge himself with the proverbial "unsolvable problem". By providing strategic advice in the field of corporate services to a wide array of corporations as well as private clients, Andreas advances business objectives while ensuring global compliance in a complex, ever-changing regulatory and financial environment. His holistic understanding of current regulatory and risk issues at a national as well as international level, puts him at the forefront of strategic advisory.

Alfred Prevoo (Panellist)

Blockchain & DLT specialist  •  Blockchain Investments & Co.

Financial economist focused on international, monetary and development economics as well as capital markets & internal models. Analytical, results driven and eclectic worker. Has obtained extensive leadership capabilities with over twenty local and national committees and boards starting at a young age in a wide variety of fields; computer science, finance, international (diplomatic) leadership, education development, art and literature. Interested in mathematical issues from a young age, but also obtained diplomatic skills and knowledge at the United Nations and broad industry knowledge at the Royal Dutch Shell.

Wilhelm Roth (Panellist)

CEO  •  Cyber Capital

Wilhelm spent most of his professional career in strategic consultancy in Austria, Germany and the Scandinavian countries. During his time he gained a lot of experience in strategic planning, fund raising and management as well as legislative frameworks. First encountering blockchain and cryptocurrencies, while researching for UBI and better voting governance systems. Wilhelm found the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain as the new frontier in tech and finance. He is aligning his experience from the more “traditional” sector and the crypto field. Bringing his vision and experience to full use as the CEO of Cyber Capital. As CEO, Wilhelm is responsible for all operational and financial activities of the fund.


Nikolai Lollike (Panellist)

Technical Account Manager  •  MakerDAO

Nikolaj Lollike is a Technical Account Manager at MakerDAO, where he spearheads integration projects with external partners, who seek to base their systems on the Maker platform. Nikolaj has worked with smart contract solutions since 2015 where he co-founded the Copenhagen Ethereum Meetup and has published acclaimed research on the applications of Ethereum. Nikolaj was formerly working at Nets Group, the biggest payment service provider in the Nordics, as an innovation specialist with a focus on blockchain payment solutions. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Software Development from the IT University of Copenhagen and a Master of Science in E-Business from Copenhagen Business School.



Tuesday, 4 June @ 19:00-22:00

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